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the 2022 seer series

"The force that moves the sun and the stars is the same force that moves the human soul.

Your psyche is the breathing of the cosmos"

~ Lluís Gisbert ~

The Seer Series is a unique collection of Astro-Ascension energy reports and stellar transmissions for the year ahead. It is a deep dive into the stellar mysteries and astrological energies set to unfold in 2022 and that are influencing this time of the Turning of the Ages.

It features Alchemise's unique form of celestial poetics, cosmic consciousness, stellar seer-ship and expansive and inspiring perspectives to aid your attunement to the higher harmonics of energy and stellar potentialities available to you at this time. 

It shares extensive astrological readings, cosmic messages and celestial meanings for the energy signatures that are being written in and by the stars in the sky of 2022.


The Seer Series can be continually revisited to help you understand and navigate through the energies as they continue to unfold. Each review allows you to unlock deeper meaning, understanding, activations and insights, and thus providing you will a valuable stellar guide and personal tool to help you traverse through these ever-changing times.

This is for the Spiritual Seekers, the Soulful, the Mystics, the Dream Weavers, the Artists, the Creatives, the Visionaries, the Starseeds,
the Pilgrims of the Heart and those attuned to the Subtle Realities.

This is for those who dance with Divine Mysteries, who adventure in consciousness and who are sacred co-creators of a new Earth paradigm.

This is for those who go deep and go high, for those who root themselves in ancient wisdom teachings, and for those who look to the stars to be reminded of the brilliance of their own light.

Feedback from the Previous Seer Series

"When I started to read your Seer Series back in Jan 2020 I was unsettled, I knew deep in the pit of my stomach that something big was coming. Never in a million years could I predict the crazy of 2020 but your Astro reports REALLY helped me. I've referred back to them a bunch of times and told my friends about your insights. Even people who choose not to believe Astro are left speechless, especially when I show them the dates of your posts. Thanks for everything. You have a great way of sharing information that's easy to understand." ~S. 


** The Most Extensive Seer Series To Date **

 Consisting of 76 Pages & Over 23,000 Words

Includes Key Astro Dates & Journal Prompts

Available to purchase below


The 2022 Seer Series

** The Most Extensive Seer Series Yet ** 


* A 76-Page Beautifully Designed PDF Booklet & Digital Download * 

* Over 23,000 Words *

* 9 Chapters *

* 7 In-Depth Astrological and Ascension Energy Readings *

* Key Astrology Dates *

* Journal Prompts *

* Cosmic Channellings *

* Stellar Transmissions *

* Celestial & Astrological Insights *

* Divine Inspirations *

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