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The 2022 Seer Series

The 2022 Seer Series


** The Most Extensive Seer Series Yet ** 


The Alchemise 2022 Seer Series is a unique collection of Astro-Ascension energy reports for the year ahead. It consists of: 


* A 76-Page Beautifully Designed PDF Booklet - Digital Download  

* Over 23,000 Words

* 9 Chapters

* 7 In-Depth Astrological and Ascension Energy Readings

* Key Astrology Dates

* Journal Prompts 

* Cosmic Channellings

* Stellar Transmissions  

* Celestial & Astrological Insights

* Divine Inspirations


You can continue to revisit The Seer Series throughout the year to help you understand and navigate the astrology and energies of 2022, as they unfold. 


Each review can allow you to unlock deeper meaning, understanding, activations and insight, thus providing a valuable guide and personal tool to help you traverse through these ever-changing times.




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