New Moon in Capricorn - The Tale of the Seagoat & Light of Initiation

Updated: Jan 12

This is a tale of the Seagoat Capricorn. A tale of two parts - the tail of a fish and the head of a goat. A tale of two realities. A tale of convergence. A tale of initiation.

A tale that takes place in the light of a New Moon on 12th/13th January 2021 at 23 degrees - almost in exact degree to the Great Reset point of 10th Jan Jan 2020 and a day after the Cancer Eclipse of 10th Jan 2020. And uniquely with Pluto in the same position.

This is a powerful convergence of timelines - acting as a portal to renew & re-do. But which way do you choose?

This is a tale that sees Pluto, ruler of the underworld, align with the Moon, ruler of our unconscious. Offering a choice point to begin anew - fear or fearlessness? Powerlessness or empowerment? Enslavement or Self-Mastery? What frequency will be chosen?

This is a Moon that means business. It is a powerful Moon that is serious and demands your attention. It requires a reorientation back to your heart and soul, with a clear mind and clear awareness of the consciousness games at play and illusionary fears.

You may be taking steps in the dark and unable to see the full path ahead, which calls for faith over fear. This is about listing to your inner authority and adopting a new operating system to navigate your way forward.

Due to many sensitive and tense celestial aspects, you can expect the unexpected at this time with unexpected and unconscious developments at play, so it is wise to be allow for change and transformation at this time.

This Moon offers us the chance to heed the learnings of past experiences and transcend insecurities, limitations and denser realities in a new, wiser, mature and more determined and fearless frequency. Empowered by your own sense of connection to Soul and Spirit.

Becoming more aware of the need for personal resilience and responsibility of our own vibration at this time. With an unwavering dedication and devotion to holding the highest possible vision and vibration - regardless of how reality reorientates around you.

Reorientating the balance of your focus from the outer reality towards a greater focus on your inner reality and essence. Leaning further into your Mind’s Eye, your Heart’s Wisdom and your Soul’s Truth, as we traverse the tricky pathway between the old and the new, the past and the future, chaos and stability, tradition and progression.

In the tale of the Seagoat, we find our protagonist called to begin a journey. He awakes with the warmth of the rising sun in his face and a call in his heart to ascend to the top of the mountain, to where the Guardians of the Gate hold the secrets of the soul itself.

But due to the watery, emotionally depths that he is born from, the overarching height of the mountaintop scares him. 'What an arduous task this will be', he thinks. Finding himself overwhelmed by the whirling waters that try to drag him down as he panics.

Just when he thinks he may go under, the Sun peaks over the mountaintop again and in a moment of inspiration and calm, Seagoat stops panicking and realises that he can use his tail to swim to shore.

Once in land, Seagoat begins his ascent of the Mountain, promising himself never to get caught up in the deep emotional waters. But as he makes the journey across the perilous landscape, he grows thirsty and weary from what he is experiencing as a hard, lonely, cold, perilous and scary challenge. Full of doubt and confusion, his head drops and he loses sight of the way ahead and the light of the mountaintop guiding his way on.

He stumbles and falls but the horns on his head catch onto the craggy side of the mountain and he is saved from plummeting to the depths. Seagoat takes a deep breath and figures a way to get back on to the track.

He no longer wants to repeat the same experiences and feels the light beckoning him on. He raises his head to feel the warmth of the Sun and feels his life-force being brought to its highest expression. He pauses and reflects and becomes fully present to the light’s wise and wakeful communication.

Becoming rooted in his core and awake in his conscious awareness, he understands his errors and the illusionary nature of his emotional fears. Holding his head high, he decides to apply a steady and sturdy determination and patient dedication to his ascent of the mountain, in the wisdom that he is building a meaningful direction towards the light of the Sun.

Turning these emotional fears into a practical fuel to propel him forward and sustain him in reaching his goal. Helping to quench his soul’s thirst on his ascent to the summit and helping to renew his determination and fearlessness towards his goals. He feels the light which guides his way on, even when he can not see it with his eyes and when the path becomes foggy and unknown. He knows that he can feel it within his heart. Which inspires him with courage to make each step, trusting that as he makes that step, the pathway will appear.

He sees that by understanding the workings of his unconscious and conscious realities, that he can integrate them and bridge them and access an emotional and mental strength that creates a determination, steady dedication and commitment to keep him focused and moving forward.


Under the light of the Moon and Pluto the Seagoat draws from his deepest emotional waters to rise up across the land and journey across the terrain to the summit, using the light of initiation to guide his way. Responding to any crisis with a readiness to learn and grow and use his fears as fuel.


As it is through his initiatory experiences that the light of the rising Sun is revealed - the luminous transcendental power of enlightenment that releases aspects of the Soul from the unconscious and from any detrimental control. Seagoat becomes able to understand life at all of its depths - from the highest highs, to the lowest lows.

And realises that all experiences are needed to be able to be able to gain the wisdom and trust to ascend across uncharted territory. Understanding the power of restructuring his conscious awareness and heeding the higher learnings and rebirthing into One’s wiser and higher self.

So under the light of this New Moon ask yourself where you are at on your journey and bridge between conscious and unconscious. Fear and fearlessness. You can look at where this Moon lands in your natal chart to see where you can access a renewal and recharge towards your goals. Reflecting on your 2020 initiation, challenges, growth and evolution.

What secrets has your soul revealed through any initiations? What no longer works for you? And what still does?

This is a time of meaningful progress, if we set our hearts and mind to it. What are you wanting to create and build? What journey do you want to undertake next? Where is the light of the Sun rising within you? And what is it calling you towards?

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