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Pink Rose

Nicola - Founder of Alchemise

Alchemise is founded on the belief in the transformative power of soul, spirit and stars, using our consciousness to transform our understanding of ourselves, each other, the planet and our existence. 

With a passion for enchantment, enlightenment and education, Nicola Exploring various levels of consciousness Nicola has ad in the soul's journey and its timeless nature across space and time. As well as how we commune with the soul and access its wisdom & integrate its consciousness into our daily lives. Looking to alchemise and transform our relationship with ourselves & our reality to better bridge between our lower and higer aspects into greater wholeness of being. ultimately to anchor in more soul-led consciousness into the world. 

A student of the soul and the stars across lifetimes, Nicola picked up her first astrology book aged 12, which has led to a life-long love affair with the stars. A trained astrologist, shamanic healing practioner (within the Q'ero lineage), Ascension Teacher, Reiki master, sound healer and meditation teacher, Nicola is also studying for a Masters in Myth, Cosmology & the Sacred, with a focus on consciousness, meaning-making and different ways of knowing and non-ordinary forms of consciousness. Exploring our own personal and collective cosmologies and cosmological sense of the soul and the sacred. Previously Nicola worked in entertainment marketing where she worked with different types of stars for many celebrity and brand partnerships and creative campaigns, and provided communications, creative consultancy and strategic guidance for some of the world's biggest brands and entertainment properties. All which strengthened her interest and insights into the intersection between culture and consciousness.


A channel, mystic and intuitive, Nicola works shamanically in her astrology readings, as well as receiving formal training from the Shamanic Asteology Mystery School. and approaches all her astro work and readings through a dynamic, living relationship with the cosmological and planetary energies. Using the natal chart as a gateway to merge in consciousness with the specific cosmological and soul energies mapped out, by working multi-dimensionally between worlds. Having a reciprocal nature to spirit, so to channelling and bringing through information and insights that clients most need to receive in a reading​

Nicola s a big believer in the transformative power of the soul, spirit and stars through our consciousness, and working with the guiding alchemy of astrology in all of its forms - studying and training in shamanic, evolutionary, esoteric and western mainstream astrology. 

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